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Monday, November 8, 2010

Entering "The Cave..."

For the last several nights I have been able to enter “The Cave” and just relax. By “The Cave” I mean the deep caverns of inner Stillness. The physical “cave” of my meditation room serves as a metaphor for entering this space within and just sitting in Silence – being aware of Awareness and whatever else arises in this space. By Silence I mean the deep space of Awareness – in which existence exists – beyond the sense of “I am”, beyond the sense of the individual “I” existence – beyond form. Here is a writing from “The Cave.”


Entering “The Cave”
the place of deep awareness and
knowing Stillness…

Listening deeply for the Inner Voice.
Following its sound.
Finding its Rhythm in the fluid, instinctive
inner River of Awareness.

It is the space of “The Beloved.”

This aware, awake space is curious and unafraid,
wants to engage, to see,
to know, to experience ~

and be experienced…

The Beloved is deeply compassionate,
deeply open,

…and is waiting to be known…

Pure Awareness
flows through here ~
the life blood of The Beloved.
It flows around the obstacles of my mind,
and moves toward every disturbance,
filling every mind-made crack and crevice,
wanting to meet, soothe, comfort, and embrace.

In “The Cave”
there is only patience, waiting, and listening
in deep rest…

There is refuge in this space,
this Cave of Awareness…
The Cave of the Beloved…

The Cave of the True Heart…



Photo - specialty scrapbooking paper


  1. Mmmmmmm...Yes! Thank you Dearest Heart Christine. XOXO

  2. Exquisite, thank you dearest Christine - beyond even the sense of "I Am" - we are in synch :-)


    miriam louisa

  3. Thank you Leslie :)

    Thank you Miriam Louisa! ~~~ Don't know if you meant it this way, but this is how I read your sentence - "beyond even the sense of "I AM" we are in synch! Now isn't that the Truth! I am excited to come over and read your new blog - "Echoes of Emptiness." I wanted to wait till I had some time set aside time, so I can really absorb it. Have been over a couple of times to take a few peeks here and there. It looks wonderful!

    Deep Heart Hugs! Christine

  4. Hi Christine, your image is quite beautiful and mesmerizing. At first I thought maybe you had painted it and then I saw where you said it was scrapbooking paper. Nice!

    Your cave meditations sound so relaxing and peaceful. I enjoy the flowing cadence your words. :)

  5. Thanks Diane... I wish I could paint like that! :)


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