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Monday, November 22, 2010

Sacred Harmony

While transitioning, out of curiosity, I watched the documentary film by Prince Charles of Wales called “Harmony.” Now I am not an activist, or environmentalist, but I was deeply moved by this film. In fact it is partly what broke this cycle of fear that I have been in. There were many tidbits of Dharma – which actually surprised me. For instance, Prince Charles said: “…we have the ability to be connected to the inner patterns of nature, to the inner patterns of the natural world…to be in relationship with the Sacred.” A Dr. Shiva from India was interviewed and she said that in order save the environment “we need to recognize our non-separable connection with life; recognize our mutuality, inclusion, and solidarity with each other, and have a deep awareness for the role that everything plays; that when we have the awareness that every day life is based on the Sacred we have harmony. Basically the film’s message is that when we recognize and work with the patterns of nature, seeing everything as Sacred, we find the answers to our environmental problems.

Many of us know this already of course, but I don’t remember any “environmental activist” saying it in quite this way before. If this is not true, then pardon my ignorance. I’ve been in “The Cave” listening to the Voice of Stillness, not angry environmental activists shouting their in-your-face, fear-based message. Even our own Al Gore had a rather alarmist message that the sky was falling, despite his rather demure and dry delivery. No, I don’t recall hearing the message ever being delivered so – gently, so heart-based, so “spiritually” before. And by a Prince!? So it caught my attention. In the end Prince Charles said: “We must look to the abandoned wisdom, knowledge and understanding for a new paradigm.” By “abandoned” I believe he meant the “ancient wisdom” – the wisdom of the ancients who knew that the movement and sustainability of life is based on a primordial Harmony found in nature.

I don’t know why this film moved me in the way that it did. But the words and images awakened a deep longing to *live* this Harmony, to live the Natural Rhythm of Life; to re-ignite the spark of this ancient wisdom and live an authentic, “awakened” life in congruency with The Sacred – our Beingness. I didn’t feel the need to “save the planet.” There was no sudden urge to become an “environmentalist.” Yet, it awakened a remembrance of The Sacred in life, a recognition of the Sacred that *is* Life ItSelf. As the spark ignited again, a kind of excitement for life arose, and I seemed to remember that we live in Sacred Harmony with Life by deeply knowing our Essential Nature – our Beingness; not by forcing a change in the way we live or manipulating the environment – but by becoming deeply aware of our Original Nature – The Sacred Harmony that we are; knowing that we are inseparable from The Sacred. Of course. Ancient Wisdom… This seemed to be the subtle message in the film as well. And whether you believe the planet needs “saving” or not is not the point of this post. It’s really that when we *recognize* and live *as* our Original Nature, we thrive - harmoniously…

I had forgotten this wisdom. I haven’t been *living* it, wasn’t *seeing* everything as Sacred, as “connected.” I have been in the delusion of separation once again. Transitioning out of the experience of fear however, has left this very open and curious space that just wants to be aware of and absorb The Sacred that’s in everything - to experience the Harmony of the living and breathing Essential Nature of Reality.

And now back to “The Cave” to explore the vastness of Sacred Harmony… :)


You can watch “Harmony” online.

Photo – “A Spiral Galaxy in Hydra”
From the book: “The Invisible Universe”
by David Malin


“…surrender to the Mystery that moves life.
The wholeness of Being sees itself as whole.
When we are deeply touched by something
it is the Mystery stirring in its human expression…
How each of us is aroused to awaken
comes in many forms.
But the deep longing for Truth, Self, [the Sacred]
comes from within Itself, your Self.
Nothing is outside your Self -
not a leaf, a galaxy, longing or love…

For a time we may bow before an idea, an image,
a form, a picture, a deity, a teacher, a guru, a mountain,
imagining that is divine and we are not.
Eventually we discover it is
the divine that sees the divine;
…buddha that sees buddha.

…a life lived in harmony with Reality
does not refuse the moment-to-moment unfolding
of life.
[It is] being intimate with the moments of your own experience;
paying attention to those that seem to touch you in some
deep, unknown, mysterious place.”

Dorothy Hunt


  1. And so it is Beloved...and so it is!

  2. yes I think those messages gently put are more powerful. and your post brings home that message that if we recognize that we are so integrally a part of the natural world, we are be less likely to harm and abuse what is part of us.

  3. Hello Dear Christine...
    Thank you for this post on Harmony. Am not sure where this is going but lately there seems to be a greater willingness to settle in to what is...to want what life wants. To be in harmony with the way things are. That brings a sigh of peace to this heart in the face of what thought could easily conjure up.
    These CD posts seem to allow for greater safety and trust in my heart to accept what is...to be in greater harmony.
    For this deep thanks and bows to all the CDS'ters.

  4. Thanks Akasa - I know, blinding flash of the obvious :) But I need to rediscover it again... and again... and again...

  5. ZDS ~ I think of you in your new space being surrounded by nature and working with the land, and creating harmony in your home. I'm sure it's provided lots of opportunities for practice, and I like to imagine that it has also been delightful feeling the connection with the hum of Nature... :)

  6. Hello CD Leslie :) Yes, accepting what is, life the way it is, is certainly part of the harmony of being "attuned"/aware of our True Nature, this wonderful Beingness that permeates all life...

    Starbeams of love, Christine :)

  7. Preparing for Thanksgiving and feeling how grateful I am for all the support on this blog and the amazing posts of all the 'other' CDS'ters. Deeply grateful.
    Even with repeated experience of spaciousness there seems to be a root pattern that, over time, has been repeated again and again. The experiences do not seem to be enough to 'pull me through'. Does anyone have any experience of working with someone one-on-one who is skilled in non-dual therapy of any kind? Am thinking of Stephan Bodian...other thoughts would be much appreciated.
    Warmest wishes for a beautiful Thanksgiving to you and your family.

  8. Hello Leslie ~ And I am grateful for your support and presence here!

    I understand about those pesky patterns. They keep showing up here too...

    A couple of names arose, although I have not worked with either of them: Susan Kahn and Dorothy Hunt actually (from the quote above). I will send you their links on email...

    Have a peaceful Thanksgiving... Christine


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