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Sunday, March 18, 2012

"The Beloved"

~ The Beloved ~

A deep, silent space
of pure conscious Awareness within…
*Knowing* Awareness;
living, breathing, Aliveness…

Intimacy with Infinity…


~ The Beloved ~

Not an entity of being,
not *a* person or persona,
but Isness Being;
Being-ness being

~ The Beloved ~

Infinite spacious Consciousness unfolding,
taking form,
while remaining formless spaciousness;
not either/or;
one and the same.

~ The Beloved ~

Divine Intelligence,
not the absence of “intelligence”,
but intelligent Life
that becomes what it chooses to become.
Being being as it wills
in the dance of Life:
human form
the natural world,
and everything in it;
the universe of
stars, suns, moons and galaxies;
and whatever else that can be imagined
to exist…

~ The Beloved ~

The “mechanisms”
by which all life happens…

that is
‘just this’

~ The Beloved ~

The ache of Love in the heart,
for “The Beloved”
that longs for Itself,
and wakes up
to ItSelf…

~ The Beloved ~

breathing, living.
Embracing life as ItSelf
in all encompassing

~ The Beloved ~

The ineffable Mystery of Being
revealing ItSelf,
to ItSelf ~
in us...
as us…

~ OM ~

Mystic Meandering
©December 22, 2011

Vortex Art™


  1. ... unfolding, taking form, while remaining formless ... Six amazing words! Beautiful poems!

  2. ah you keep pointing us to that place, that deep place of just being and recognition.

    And lovely sky blue vortex. I see deep space in the centre.

  3. Om and salutations to you, Christine! I am dwelling in that beautiful blue of your vortex painting at the top--there seems such a peacefulness in that center. And I admire the journey this poem relates. Interestingly, I've been writing some poetry on the experience of being one's own beloved. Hope to share soon, as I'm learning to be more "brave" in sharing my poetry too. Thank you for this moment today. :o) ((HUGS))

    1. Thank you Tracy... Yes, being one's own beloved! We *are* The Beloved, loving ItSelf! Looking forward to reading more of your poems! It's all the expression of our Beingness... Ommmmmm :)

  4. the vortex painting is so lovely and takes me into the frame of mind to contemplate the beloved. You always seem to point the way to looking deeper, contemplating and being. i am sure you know The Beloved by Khalil Gabran?

    1. Thank you Suki... It's because it's where I need to go :) Where I feel pulled to - ever deeper - to the core of Being, by the core of Being. No, I have not heard of the book, but I will surely look it up! Thank you for mentioning it!

    2. PS - And as you know, "we" don't "go" there. But it is about the recognition of who we are at the core... :)

  5. The Blue Vortex and the Deep Silent Space of the Beloved.....ahhhh...such gifts to bring on the eve of entry into this new Natural Year...

    simply beautiful.

  6. My word for this is "Squirreluminosity" :-)


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