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Sunday, March 11, 2012

An Unknown Hand...

I took these pictures of the mittens over a period of weeks
on my “twilight walks” from January to February.

I first found them on the ground behind the bench.
I picked them up and laid them out on the bench,
hoping their owner would see them…

The next time they had been only slightly moved

and covered with a light dusting of snow
from the latest snow flurry…

Then ~

neatly laid together
at one end of the bench;
one holding the other,
as if content,
waiting patiently for their owner
to retrieve them…

I left them as they were…

On the next visit one was on the bench,
delicately laid out
in this dainty hand position,
almost as if an invitation to sit…

and the other on the ground
in the shape of the peace sign,
as if to say everything is okay…

Once again I left them as they were,
wondering what unknown hand
was sculpting them…

After two large snow falls
and a couple of weeks of
60 mile an hour winds
I found one here
sculpted into the ice…

Again, by an unknown hand…

And finally out of curiosity,
I made a quick trip to the park
this evening to see if I could find
them again…

And there they were on another bench,
flattened and weather-worn…

So I tried to do a little sculpting of my own,
with this funky finger mudra... :)


We are all each other’s “unknown hand”,
appearing and disappearing when needed,
lifting each other’s spirits,
unknowingly shaping,
influencing and rearranging
life perspectives
in slight and subtle ways,
through our presence…
Each offering something
in our own way,
inviting each other to sit a while;
offering signs of encouragement
and inspiration,
lending each other
an “unknown hand”
to extricate each other
from the frozen constructs of our minds;
melting away the outmoded concepts that
keep us frozen
with the warmth of a
loving “unknown hand”…

Thank you to the “unknown hands”
in my life
who have inspired and opened
this Heart…


  1. VERY fun, very thoughtful, and very moving was this... An invitation to the heart... that's what you place is here, Christine! Taking your hand--in spirit--and saying thank you back. :o) Happy Week, my friend ((HUGS))

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  3. Hi Christine,
    I love this! The unknown hand moves in so many ways through our lives! It's so much fun to see what will happen next! The unknown hand has just opened the eyes of the little babes! (I had a typo in the other comment so I deleted it) Here's the url for the eye opening!

    1. Hellloooo Squirrel Lady :) Yes, and through so many people/beings... Thanks for the link :)

  4. this is a work of art. it has components that feed the reader in stages. great.

  5. What a beautiful and inspired reflection in words this photo essay prompted! It touched a chord within me, gently, as with softly gloved hands.

    1. Thank you louciao! :) And thank you for your lovely blog that always lifts my spirits, makes me smile, and encourages me to do better at photography...

  6. Perfectly wonderful! You have such a gift! Thank you for sharing.

    1. Thank you my compassionate friend:) And I am gifted with your presence as always! Bows...

  7. Charmed and charming...I love that you continued to return to see the next move in the story.

    Charmed and charming.

    1. Thank you D :) Glad you liked it. Yes, watching the story of the mittens unfold was "magical" :) And thank you for your "luna-see" perspectives and creativity over there, spreading a little charm around yourself :)

  8. The Secret Life of Mittens!! I love it. I love the guerilla art of someone arranging the mittens. It so feeds our imagination. Who? Why? Multiple sculptors! The mindfulness of them and you to notice. The duet of arranging and your photos. I wish they could see your post!

    I particularly like the peace sign.

    And such fun that you revisited and found these stories to share. And I love your extension of it.

    It shows us that this is truly an amazing world filled with amazing souls if we are just willing to slow down and look at park benches and lost mittens.

    1. Ha-ha! Yes! Love your comment! And I love your explorations of the Dharma that have always been an inspiration to me since the "beginning" - as we extricate ourselves from our stubborn minds :)

  9. Always knew your Hand was on this heart...thank You Dearest HeartHand...Christine ‎(♥)

    1. Thank you Dear Leslie... Your Heart presence here always lights up my life ♥ :)

  10. Lovely! I love that the gloves were in a different place every time you returned...

    1. Thank you Uma! I so enjoy your writings and explorations of Truth. I look forward to your travels in your little trailer.

  11. Wonderful! Thank you for your inspiring creativity, ever-changing and unexpected. . . .

    1. Thank you Chris :) I always enjoy seeing you here :) Saw your comment on Suki's post this morning. Am going to get John O'Donohue's book that she mentioned as well, for a little morning inspiration... :)


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