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Friday, March 2, 2012

Companions on the Road...

I took you all on an “expotition” with me today, as Pooh Bear calls it. You were my companions on the road, not looking for anything in particular – just exploring nature. I thought you’d like to see where you had been :)

We arrived at one of my favorite places along an old agricultural irrigation canal.

We saw the majestic cottonwoods bared by winter and the stately evergreens lining the path, as we crossed the walking bridge over the frozen canal onto the path, knowing we were entering Sacred space, the realm of Nature. We noticed a single hawk silently spiraling overhead, and a flock of Canadian Geese called out as they made their way over the field for several passes before they landed, winding lower and lower until final touch down. (Unfortunately we couldn’t capture those pictures ;)

The dirt path, about 12 feet wide, was snow covered and muddy in places, giving off the wonderful pungent odor of wet earth that says Spring is not far off. As we walked in the slippery mud it made that funny gushy, sticky, sucking sound under our feet. So we hugged the edge of the path to keep from slipping in the muck…

The ponds and canal were still frozen, or partly frozen – waiting for the thaw; the frosted ice on this one slowly melting away from the edges, returning to its liquid form, as the canal waited for flow to return.

A multitude of birds where enthusiastically chittering and chattering in the low branches at the edges of the pond as we walked by…. Chickadees, Red Wing Black Birds, Magpies, Finches. I wished I had brought the tape recorder… Fletchers and Woodpeckers made their hollow pecking sounds on old dead trees – all in a magically syncopated chorus. We stood silent, watched and listened, aware of the sound and movement of Life, breathing in its Aliveness. Then someone spotted a tree with 3 large nests.

We were excited to find this old cottonwood fallen across the canal, bottom exposed. And like curious children we all wanted to clamor on it to get a better view inside – but there wasn’t enough room for us all to fit – no shoving please… So we just peeked in the hollow to see what we could see – one at a time.

We gathered around this bench by the trees to take a break, the eldest ones sitting, of course. :)

We listened to the Silence of Nature and its Rhythms. Then meandered on again, taking more pictures of the partially thawed ice on the canal, and a bridge that crosses over to a small private farm.

We had a good ‘expotition’, we field explorers of Life, companions on “the Road,” having a shared experience called "life", discovering the ease of simply being and the Mystery of Life living through us all. Thanks for coming along. I was, and am, graced by your Presence - in spirit…

“We shall not cease from exploration.
And the end of all our exploring
will be to arrive
where we started
and know the place
for the first time…”

TS Elliot


  1. Thanks for taking me along! What an awesome experience we all have together!

  2. a lovely meander! just what I needed. I especially love the stop by the turquoisey melting pond.

    1. Thanks :) The pond was the most colorful because the sun was playing this in and out game, thus some of the other pics came out more dull and brown, but, that also is what it looks like this time of year here...

  3. Well this the first time I've meandered onto your delightful blog - and a Kosho Uchiyama fan to boot! I'll be back! Bows.

  4. Sorry - I mis-spoke about Uchiyama. But perhaps you are a fan :)

    1. Hello David, and thank you for coming by and leaving your kind words! I had not heard of Kosho Uchiyama until your comment. I googled and find that indeed I may become a fan, now that my curiosity has been peeked :)

  5. WONDERFUL images, and I've always appreciated that quote by T.S. Eliot. Thank you so much for the walk, Christine... I feel refreshed. Would you believe, it's almost all gone & melted here? It's very weird, February is never like this here. I just hope we don't get big dumps of the white stuff this month before Easter. ;o)Happy Week, my friend ((HUGS))

    1. Thank you Tracy... Yes, our snow is almost all gone too... And March is supposed to be our snowiest month. It's looking like February was, with much snowfall. So we shall see how the month goes. Have a great week :)


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