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Saturday, August 7, 2010

Window Whispers...

Tonight I feel more like an indigenous native, becoming familiar with my surroundings, sitting in my tree house high in the trees, waiting for a night adventure, rather than the lady of the castle sitting in her turret window, waiting for her lover… “Silence” appears in many disguises…

The night is still and muggy. There is no breeze. There are the usual sounds and noticings.

Mind has figured out what we’re doing here, so it’s anticipating the experience, like a dog looking for mischief, seeing what it can get into. This is not what “I” had in mind, but I’m willing to play along for a while to see if this dog-mind will wear itself out. And like any good spotter dog, there is a new noticing. The back bedroom lights of the house diagonally behind us through the trees are on – blinds closed. I have not noticed this light before. Dog-mind is captured by this. The light goes off. Then it goes on. Then out. Then on. This goes on several times and dog-mind thinks – WHAT are these people doing!?

I coax dog-mind in from its distraction by focusing on the breath and, once again, cup head in hands on the window sill, and try to focus my energies on listening with my whole body. This is more difficult than I expected. Dog-mind is relentless in its need for adventure. I fidget and move and squirm, trying to find just the right position… In frustration I nearly call it quits prematurely…

Settling happens…

Stillness arrives and awareness arises with it…

In the stillness of the night I am aware that inner vastness and outer vastness are the same. That what I am waiting for is already here. I begin to lose the sense of inner and outer, of mind and Stillness, of me and night, of physical me and Spaciousness, of “other.” There’s no sense of boundary. It’s all the same – unbounded and uncontained. My sense of inner spaciousness and outer spaciousness is really one Spaciousness. Only my elbow on the window sill reminds me there’s a physical body sitting at a window (a hole in a wall) in a chair. Only my elbow and my mind remind me of solidity. But – there is no solidity, no inner and outer, only Spaciousness – all encompassing Vastness – unencumbered by definition or experience or feeling or sensation. Just Isness.

Suddenly cool air rolls in through the window and touches me gently on the arm, making me aware of its presence. Another awareness arises: If you sit long enough, with no agenda, or expectations, without giving up, Silence makes ItSelf known. It touches you through the window, through the opening in whatever wall we have constructed, and whispers its message on a gentle breeze in the night.



  1. Hi Christine,
    Thank you for this gentle prodding. I can't tell you how much I appreciate this. "Mind has figured out what we’re doing here, so it’s anticipating the experience, like a dog looking for mischief.." :-O
    Perhaps this dog needs a longer leash.

  2. Hello Leslie :)

    A "long leash" - perfect! Just let that mind go do its thing. In "window sitting" I have noticed it eventually just wears itself out and curls up at my feet... "Window Sitting" has definitely prodded me to surrender more deeply. I'm loving the opportunity and the insight that it has given me...

    Peace to us both! :) Christine

  3. YES! See you in the Space of the window where the Light pours in.

  4. I so look forward to reading these each day Christine...

    Silence makes itself known to us in many ways certainly is so very true, if we but listen.

    Many Blessings on this Sunday!

  5. Thank you Akasa...

    Yes, "window sitting" has definitely given me an opportunity to deepen into listening, to deepen awareness, to deepen into Silence - our True Nature... There may not be a daily writing, but will certainly share my experience for as long as it lasts...

    Peace ~ Christine

  6. I love the reminder that just when we are ready to give up on something, if we just see it through a little longer, something transforms. We are guided past ourselves.

    And I like the description of what the mind does, how it makes the experience it's own and goes on to try to capture it further. But just the awareness of the process, it's so important!

  7. ZenDS ~ Yes - the awareness... I feel like this is just that - an exercise in awareness! :)

  8. Wow- I resonate so strongly with everything you say in this post Christine! Thank you for sharing your experience. Blessings and gratitude to you, Colleen

  9. Hi Colleen! - Yes, this has been an interesting experiment, so-to-speak... To just See... To *be* aware and open, to allow, to just Be...

    Thanks for stopping by and peeking through the window with me :) Christine


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