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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Open Window Meditation...

After my 3 am rendezvous with the deep Silence of the Night last week, I decided I wanted to try this as a meditation every night, just before bed. So I moved a bookcase and placed this chair at my window. Monday night, at about midnight, I came to sit, after the house was quiet and there would be no interruptions.

I turned to face out the window, leaning on the window sill, pressing as close to the screen as possible, breathing in the night air and the silence. What a delightful experiment this has turned out to be! Gazing out the window into the night is calming and soothing, heightening awareness of the Stillness, the Silence that permeates everything. It opens me, expands me. Of course there are street lights, and distant building lights and backyard lights and lights in neighboring windows, and the sound of occasional car that passes on the street – but there’s Stillness in a way that is tangible – almost magical.

In the faint light I tried to make a few notes on a scratch piece of paper of what I was aware-ing.

Nothing in nature is struggling…
Everything is at peace…
Everything in nature is the Silent stream of Peace –
the Eternal Stillness…

The trees are peaceful.
The plants in the neighbor’s garden are peaceful.
The grass is peaceful.

Everything is exquisitely peaceful…

I feel myself returning to what I know to be true –
to the authentic Stillness within,
allowing myself to be touched by the Stillness…
Befriending Silence…
Recognizing this deep space of Silence within.

There is a feeling of intimacy,
as this still Silence wraps itself around me,
embracing everything that it is,
infusing everything…
It is so palpable, so real…

Basking in the Pure Silence of the night –
just listening,
just experiencing,
just Be-ing - Stillness…


Mystic Meandering
Aug. 4, 2010


  1. That is so beautiful. Thank you Christine. I meditate in a chair next to my window in the evening and it is lovely...although I can't say that I make it to midnight :) When I am open to it, sound is one of the most intimate 'connections' to Being. There is this amazing, deep melodious chime right outside the window. Sometimes the selection of notes picked by the breeze is none other than heavenly. And there's the soft roar of the bizzillion leaves on the row of poplar trees AND the raccoons and skunks paddling by. But that sound of the Corinthian chimes goes straight to the heart. There is a new video "Sound Experiment" with Rupert Spira: http://www.stillnessspeaks.com/ssblog/rupert_spira_chris_hebard_love_dvd/
    Thank you for this sweet reminder.

  2. This is truly a blessing for me after the past few hours I've just had...you've taken my being down to breathing calmly...

    Thank You Christine!

  3. Thank you everyone!

    These are challenging times for so many of us it seems. The Silence is truly our refuge - our True Nature, as I'm rediscovering... It truly calms and soothes and invites us deeper - to rest...

    And now to the window :)

    Heart Hugs to all! Christine

  4. Absolutely beautiful, and what a grand idea to sit in the chair in front of the window each night. It feels like such a soulful choice. Like you, I often dwell on the perfection of nature and how it does not strive. It just IS. A comforting notion and invitation to the rest of us...Yes?

    Blessings to you!

  5. Hello Jan ~ Yes, the Silence is such a delightful invitation! It pulls at us, tugging at us to come... To just come and sit and be with IT - to dance the dance of Silence! :)

    Heart Smiles ~ Christine


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