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Sunday, September 13, 2009

Serenity's Sanctuary - The Depths of Being

The invitation is to come into the depths.
Find the depths of Being internally.
Find the fluidity under the surface waters
at the depths of Being…


Enter more deeply into the depths of Being.
Allow yourself to sink more fully, more completely into Being ~
into intimacy with Being.

Experience the Fullness, the Spaciousness, the Presence, the Knowing,
the Awareness.

Go to the very core of Being – the all-encompassing,
all-embracing Presence.

Find the deep Stillness and rest there.


This is “enlightenment,” seeing the Stillness beyond what appears,
beyond the fears, the anxieties.
It is simply seeing beyond into the Stillness.

Learn to see beyond what is presented to you.
Uncover, reveal, unveil the layers until your seeing
takes you into Stillness where everything is resolved.

Take everything to its “beyondness.”
Just see beyond everything.


There is nothing to know – only BE.
Be the Stillness that you ARE…

Sweet Serenity...


Photo by Bill Kennedy

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