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Friday, September 11, 2009

Yoda's Wisdom In Death

In meditation this morning I was reflecting on Yodi’s death - given name Yoda – and how there doesn’t seem to be any lingering spirit presence here, no energetic imprint after his passing, which I had anticipated. It’s as if he’s *really gone!* I don’t know how to describe this other than to say it’s as if his spirit was totally taken back to Source. It’s not floating around in spirit world – he’s *gone.* There is no emotion about this, no sense of loss – a little surprise maybe because my “belief system” had conditioned me to believe that something *else* was supposed to happen here, and so there were expectations about what I might experience after his death.

Instead, Yoda’s death left this wonderful opportunity to *see* beyond the belief and expectation. And the following was the wisdom that spontaneously arose this morning. This surprised me as well. I didn’t expect what came – and no, it was not the cat talking to me :) – just a depth of insight that I hadn’t had before on this subject.

And so I invite you to suspend belief and pre-conditioned thought – and just hear the words that are offered. They were a gift to me and I pass the gift on to you…

We are just a mist, a vapor that appears and disappears,
like the aurora borealis – there and gone;
a moment in the sky,
then retract back into Space.

We are just a breath of Spirit,
the Breath of Life Itself,
inspired at birth,
expired in one long sigh at “death.”

We are just an energy that dances in the Wind –
for a time - and then gone. Gone, gone, gone beyond,
absorbed by the Primordial Womb of Stillness again.
Returned to Source.
Exhaled and inhaled by the Primordial Breath.

“We” go – Life Itself goes back to the Womb again,
the fluid energetic suspension that suspends all life
in its Embrace.

Energy to Energy
Spirit to Spirit
Breath to Breath
Fluidity to Fluidity
Life to Life

There *is* no “duality.”
It’s all One Life
lived and returned
to the other side of Life – not “death” –
as if never really gone.
Breathed out and breathed in.
One movement in suspended Eternity.

No life – No death
Just Be-ing…

"Life in death you be... hmmm?"
Yoda the Wise

Mystic Meandering
copyright Sept. 2009


  1. Wonderful, Christine. It gives perspective to my life to be reminded that in spite of appearances, it's so impermanent, and I'm not much more than a 'mist'. I feel this way too when I walk through a cemetery and read name after name on the tombstones. These people were here and now they're gone, and some day I'll be gone too. It could be so depressing and futile, except that in nonduality there is no "other side", so it's all in the present.

    Thanks for a another keeper. :)

  2. Hi Meg :)

    What also spoke to me through writing this blog was not just the truth of impermanence, but also the truth that it's all just a mental story of a self that lives in time; a story of separation and individuality; an "I" thought, a mental interpretation and identification that we come to *believe in* as real. When in Reality (the "reality peel":)timeless, un-individualized Being is who we really are. There is only *perception* of individual, separate existence; an individual "entity" that lives and dies. When in Reality it's all just one seamless flow of Existence/Consciousness Itself. "We're" just free to *live* inseparably from the One that's living this. It's all just 'This' - living Itself anyway - the manifest and the unmanifest "sides" of Life Itself.

    As I meander down this road this awareness keeps getting a little clearer... although for now it still feels like I'm seeing it through a veil, or maybe even that brick wall :)

    BTW - I *love* your words "reality peel"! I'm sure they will become a part of my vocabulary as well :)

    Thanks for your comment here - much appreciated... As ever, Christine