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Sunday, September 20, 2009

Serenity's Sanctuary - The Vastness of Being

What rises and falls, rises and falls within the context of
the Vastness of Being.
What arises are adaptations, not aberrations, not even fragmentations.
What arises are conditioned reactions, based on the lack of
knowing your Beingness –
your true Presence, the backdrop for everything that happens.


Mind creates and functions in predictable, habitual patterns.
Being responds spontaneously in the immediacy of the moment –
to meet each moment with freshness, newness, innocence,
curiosity, delight, with un-focus – that is – it can be
distracted by whatever grabs its attention with a sense of
discovery and openness.


Life happens.
Conditioning happens as a result.
Unwrap yourself from the shell of conditioning and
rest in the ever-stillness of Primordial Presence.
See and experience everything within that context.
Keep sitting back into the lap of Being –
The Embrace.


To be free is knowing yourself *as* Being –
the Essence of our Divine Nature.

Sweet Serenity...


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Photo: Street light through Birch branches

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