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Sunday, September 6, 2009

Serenity's Sanctuary - Love

Be at peace.
Even in the midst of chaos there is Love.
Even in the midst of destruction there is Love.
Even in the midst of confusion there is Love.
There is nothing but Love.

Absorb the truth of this, the wisdom of this.
In this is healing.


It is your “destiny” to be Love – to be a presence of Love.
The only “purpose” is to Be and to Love.
Let the seeds of Love grow within you,
to blossom and flower into its fullness.
It is already there in your Heart –
In the core of Being.


You are loved beyond measure.
Nothing else matters.
When you know this you will heal.
Let it embrace you, fill you.
Embrace it back.
Feels its joy, its comfort.


Love is your sanctuary

Sweet Serenity...


Photo by Christine Kennedy

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